Cast Iron Guttering

Whether you’re a property manager, home owner or architect, discuss your project with a Yeoman Rainguard professional today for free advice on a wide range of cast iron guttering solutions. Our cast iron guttering adds a luxurious look to any building, and not only does it improve the aesthetics of the building it is known to increase its value. Our Cast iron gutters come in grey but can be pre-painted black at a premium and are avialble in lengths of 1.83m.

The more popular sizes of cast iron guttering are normally held in stock. Other sizes are readily available; please contact our sales office for accurate delivery details.


Grey Cast Iron - BS460
1.83m lengths
Grey transit coat for onsite painting as standard. Other colours including black pre-finish are available
Periodic cleaning out only
Half round cast iron guttering
Plain Half Round
(mm) 100, 115, 125, 150
Half round bearded cast iron guttering
Beaded Half Round
Sizes (mm): 100,115,125,150
Length: 1830mm
Ogee profile cast iron guttering
Sizes (mm): 100, 115, 125
MOG profile cast iron guttering
Sizes (mm): 125w x 100h, 150w x 100h
Length: 1830mm
No.46 moulded profile cast iron guttering
No.46 Moulded
Sizes (mm): 100w x 75h, 125w x 100h
Length: 1830mm

Standard Guttering Accessories

  • Running outlets
  • Stop end outlets
  • 90 degree external & internal angles
  • Fascia brackets
  • Rafter brackets
  • Rise and fall brackets

Optional Accessories

  • Non-standard angles or special gutter configurations made to order
  • Special brackets

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