GRP Guttering
GRP 5018 H.R. Gutter

GRP Guttering

Whether you’re an architect, building manager or homeowner, discuss your GRP guttering project with a Yeoman Rainguard professional today for free advice on a wide range of GRP solutions.

Guttering Composition Design & Manufacture
Yeoman Rainguard GRP Gutters and fittings are glass fibre reinforced plastic mouldings comprising glass fibre reinforcings in the form of laminations fully impregnated with Lloyds approved resins. Special formulations of laminate provide the desired strength and rigidity.

Gutter Shape & Dimensions
Our GRP guttering is supplied in standard lengths of 1.8m plus spigot. Other sizes and sections are available to order.

Gutter Colours & Finishes
All GRP gutters are through coloured. The standard finish is a reproduction cast iron surface in Black, and is also available in any BS5252 (inc BS4800) or RAL colour.

Standard Guttering Accessories
90° internal and external angles; outlet pieces with round, square or rectangular drop as required. Left hand and right hand stop ends; union clips; silicone sealant; gutter bolts are available on all GRP guttering solutions.

Optional Gutter Accessories
Non-standard angles or special GRP gutter configurations made to order. Purpose made motifs to suit client requirements.

Gutter Brackets
All Yeoman Rainguard gutter brackets are manufactured from mild steel flat bar, which is then spun galvanised prior to the application of a polyester powder coat finish. Where it is not possible to coat brackets in a matching colour to the gutter, then brackets are supplied galvanised for the customer to apply a suitable paint finish.

Gutter brackets are produced in the following types; profiled fascia bracket, profiled rafter bracket, and profiled drive-in rise and fall brackets. Client's own design available to order.

Should the location of the project be subject to severe weather conditions i.e. coastal environment then we would recommend the use of 316 stainless steel with a polyester powder coat finish. Other surface treatments are available to order.

Silicone Sealant & Gutter Bolts
The recommended silicone to be used for

gutter sealing is a low modulas, reactive cure sealant conforming to ISO11600, available from Yeoman Rainguard.

Nylon gutter bolts, nuts and washers are available for fixing gutter lengths; these are available in Black or natural (for special colours a touch up paint is available on request). Nylon bolts are coloured using a dyeing process and, as such, the colour will eventually bleach out when exposed to UV light.

Gutter Maintenance
Yeoman Rainguard GRP guttering requires no maintenance other than periodical gutter cleaning.

The most popular sizes are normally held in stock. Other sizes of GRP guttering are readily available; please contact our sales office for accurate delivery details.


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