XL Aluminium Downpipe Accessories

Created in tandem with our XL Aluminium downpipes, our XL Aluminium downpipe accessories are crucial to ensure the function and aesthetics of your Yeoman Rainguard XL Aluminium rainwater system.

Our downpipe accessories help to fit your downpipes to the dimensions and shape of your building, covering the full range of needs to help you install your system securely and efficiently. Our comprehensive selection includes offsets, branches, bends, shoes, connectors, clips, and drainage covers, and are made to the same quality standards as the rest of our XL Aluminium range. Find out more about our XL Aluminium downpipes range below.

At Yeoman Rainguard, we offer the option of comprehensive support, from help developing your concept to our renowned installation service. However, if you’d like to fit our XL Aluminium downpipe accessories yourself, we’re happy to send our materials directly to site to be fitted. Simply contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Want to know more about our XL Aluminium range of downpipe accessories? Contact our expert team to find out more, or request one of our detailed brochures.


XL Drainage Grate (Not available in 100mm dia.)


XL Drainage Cover. (Not available in 100mm dia.)


XL Loose Socket with Spigot

Loose clip straight through

XL Loose Clip Straight Through


XL Rainwater Diverter Kit (75mm Dia., 75 x 75mm square only)


XL Timber Frame (Not available in 100mm Dia)


XL Drainage Base


XL 1 Part Top Offset 102° (0-900mm projection to order)


XL 2 Part Top Offset 102° for projections 150mm to 600mm


XL Plinth Offset 135° (0-900mm projection to order)


XL Side Offset 102° (0-900mm projection to order. Available left or right hand.)

XL 112 Branch (1)

XL Branch 112° (Available left or right hand front-back)


XL Side Bend 112° (Available left or right hand front-back.)


XL Square to Round Connector