Cast Iron Accessories

A Cast Iron rainwater system is a popular choice for traditional or listed buildings due to its ability to maintain the heritage of the exterior of the property. Therefore, at Rainguard we know how important it is to ensure your solution is installed suitably to keep it working efficiently, which is why we off a variety of different Cast Iron accessories.

These range from supporting your guttering, downpipe or hopper, and guarantee to maintain your solutions durability. Not only do they strengthen your products, but we have many components within our Cast Iron accessory range that can help your guttering and downpipes adapt to the shape and ergonomics of your building.

To preserve the traditional aesthetic of your property we also have a range of ornamental ear bands that can coincide with your chosen style of hopper or add decorative detail to your solution. For more information on these, or any of our other products then click on the links below or download our free brochure. Alternatively, if you’d rather speak to one of our experts then you can give us a call and we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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