Cast Iron Downpipe Accessories

The cast iron downpipe accessories are needed to ensure your home’s guttering is set up and working efficiently.

Cast iron is ideal for homes and buildings with a traditional design and by adding a cast iron guttering solution including downpipe accessories you can have not only an efficient rainwater system but one which can also add value to your property.

From plinth offsets to access pipes our cast iron downpipe accessories are created to meet your demands, so whether your home as a unique angle or any other specific needs we have the ideal accessory for you

Our accessories ranges are often over looked when selecting and installing your own rainwater system, working with our team of experts we can aid you getting the cast iron rainwater solution your home deserves.



Offset 75, 115, 150, 230, 305, 380, 457, 533, 610mm

Plinth offset – projection to be advised - made to order

Branch (Available in 92, 112, 135°)

Bend Available in 92, 112, 135°)


Loose Socket With Spigot

Access Pipe

Wire Balloon

Stainless Steel Fixing Screw & Cap


Pipe Nail

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