Cast Iron Gutter Accessories

Cast Iron is a material that is ideally suited to traditionally designed and listed buildings, due to its grand and prestigious appearance.

Like with our other metal ranges our cast iron range comes with its very own set of guttering accessories. A range that includes products designed to make fitting guttering successfully and efficiently to your home to ensure your rainwater system is complete.

From stop ends to fascia fixings as well as angles of varying degrees our product range are all manufactured and tested to the highest of standards, ensuring that not only are your guttering and donwpipes suitable for British weather but your whole rainwater system is.

If you are unsure of what accessories you need to complete your cast iron rainwater solution then get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to provide you all the information you need.



Running Outlet

Stop End Outlet Right Hand

Stop End Outlet Left Hand

90° External Angle

90° Internal Angle

135° External Angle

135° Internal Angle

Stop End Right

Stop End Left

Joint Clip

Fascia Bracket (styles may vary depending on profile)

Rafter Bracket (Styles may vary depending on profile)

Drive-in Rise & Fall Bracket (Styles may vary depending on profile)

Stainless Steel Gutter Bolt

Silicone Joint Sealent

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