GRP Gutter Accessories

To reflect the aptitude of GRP gutters which offers flexibility of shape and form, Yeoman Rainguard can offer a fully versatile range of accompanying GRP Gutter accessories.

Manufactured in a lightweight, durable, UV stable material as used throughout our GRP products, the accessories come in a choice of standard fittings as well as being made to order to suit Yeoman Rainguard GRP bespoke guttering systems.

Non- standard options on internal and external angles as well as gutter brackets which can be made to client’s own specific design can also be realised.

Holding certain of the more popular accessories in stock with others being readily available please contact our sales office for accurate delivery details.



Running Outlet

90° External Angle

90° Internal Angle

Non Standard External

Non Standard Internal

Right & Left Hand Stop End

Union Clip

Profiled Fascia Bracket

Drive-In Rise & Fall

Adjustable Rafter Bracket. (Top fix also available)

Silicone Jinnt Sealent

Nylon Gutter Bolt, Nut & Washer

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