Aluminium Rainwater Systems for Housing Developments

31 July 2019

Aluminium Rainwater Systems for Housing Developments


Aluminium gutters and down pipes are known for durability as well as their aesthetically pleasing design.

Long Lasting & Maintenance Free

Aluminium can offer a life cycle of 30 years or more. When supplied pre painted the polyester powder coating offers an attractive yet immensely durable finish that will not rust. A mill finish is also available which when fitted is open to oxidization over time which forms its own natural defence against the elements.

UV stable and not prone to cracking or breaking from fluctuations in temperature, an Aluminium rainwater system is maintenance free (other than the periodical cleaning out of leaves and debris.) It is also more capable of load baring than a plastic system making it suitable in areas where heavy snow fall is a concern.

Economical & Ecological   

With its durable properties Aluminium becomes a cost effective choice of rainwater system. It will not require frequent replacement or repair with time and money also being saved by not having to repaint, offering lower lifetime costs.

As a 100% recyclable material it also becomes an ecologically sound choice for those aware of their carbon footprint.

An option for Heritage & Listed Buildings 

The aesthetics of an Aluminium rainwater system are perfect as replacement rainwater goods on heritage buildings. In some cases they can also be accepted as an alternative to heavy Cast Iron details on listed buildings.

The case for using an Aluminium system is helped by the many features it can offer such as a black textured finish, decorative ear bands, traditional gutter profiles such as COG, MOG and half round as well as complementing rainwater hoppers.

All these options can help to retain the architectural integrity of a heritage, listed or historical building.

Modern Design.

An aluminium rainwater system is certainly the choice for a new build or modern design building.

They can be provided in a smooth paint finish in simple gutter profiles such as half round or box, offering a clean sleek style to the gutters and downpipes.

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