Aluminium Guttering Vs. Plastic Guttering

29 April 2016

Aluminium Guttering Vs. Plastic Guttering

Rain is something that we learn to live with here in the UK. Having sufficient drainage is one of the things that help us cope with long periods of heavy rain. Leaving the house to find water cascading down your external walls and windows and then potentially having mould and damp develop is the stuff nightmares are made of to all home owners.

Choosing the correct guttering is a key point to ensuring your home is able to deal with the problems our wet weather sends. Plastic gutters are cheap and an option when you are trying to keep down the costs of weather proofing your home. However, you may find plastic guttering needs replacing after only a short time, especially after a storm or particularly heavy downpour. With plastic guttering you also do not have many options when it comes to looks or colours; they only usually come in grey, white or black.

Aluminium guttering suit all kinds of structures and can especially look aesthetically pleasing on period houses but will also look the business on new builds. Plastic guttering can look a little tacky and can often catch the eye immediately and give a negative impact on property. Plastic gutters are also much more prone to damage from the elements and also easily damaged by high flying tennis balls and footballs.

There are many different types of aluminium gutters available on the market so they really can appeal to all tastes. Another great thing is that they can be painted to compliment the look of the external walls of your home in a variety of colours.

Aluminium gutters had fallen out of favour as their plastic counterparts were a lot cheaper, however there has been a surge in their popularity again. This is down to the fact that buyers are realising the quality found with an aluminium gutter is far superior to its plastic rival, the money saved on the mere longevity is a worthwhile investment for those looking at the bigger picture. Obviously if you just want a job finished quickly and at a low cost, plastic gutters will do the job perfectly but if you want a job that will last through all the bad weather Mother Nature as to throw at us and still be left with a stylish looking drainage system that works, there is no competition, aluminium guttering is the one for you.

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