Yeoman Rainguard in keeping with Stunning Country Hotel

Haven Hall is a stunning Edwardian country house hotel overlooking the sea on the Isle of Wight, which current owners David and Arielle Barratt acquired in 2013. As the couple prepared to renovation the much neglected hall, they soon came to realise it would prove to be a bigger project than either of them had done before.

As Arielle undertook all he creative design work, her husband David managed all the major works including the new construction and heating requirements as well as exterior fencing and drainage.

Adamant that even though a lot of the original features of the hall had been lost due to their dilapidated condition, the renovation would be focused on lovingly and painstakingly restoring the building back to its former glory with appropriate period style features.

With this in mind Yeoman Rainguard was approached to supply a rainwater system in a style and colour to emulate the original.

Yeoman Rainguard’s GRP 4340 S.B.D.H.R. gutters along with GRP 100mm diameter circular ornamental down pipes were installed, helping to maintain a traditional exterior in keeping with the halls heritage.

Finished in white to complement both the roof line and other elegant structures situated within the beautiful and serene private grounds, such as the magnificent gazebo.

GRP rainwater systems from Yeoman Rainguard are lightweight yet extremely durable offering many years of maintenance free service.

Being able to replicate traditional shapes, sizes and designs, a GRP system becomes the perfect cost effective option for replacing cast iron gutters and down pipes.

“We are very pleased with the rainwater systems provided by Yeoman Rainguard and believe they fit in perfectly with the characteristics of the house.” commented David Barratt.

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