Colour Options

17 May 2016 | 18:59

Colour can bring any project to life.   Yeoman Rainguard have endeavoured to develop a colour palette in line with today’s market demands. Most are readily available within just a few days with a choice of smooth or textured depending on material.   As well as those colours detailed we are able to offer any […]

TX Cast Iron Installation Guide

06 May 2016 | 12:23

  TX Cast Iron Soil Pipes—Pre Installation TX sockets, both plain and eared are designed only for use with TX pipes and fittings. Design of the soil stack should allow at least one eared socket on each fitting to enable the system to be anchored securely to the building. Installation should proceed from the bottom to the […]

Copper/Zinc/Steel Installation Guide

06 May 2016 | 12:21

  Gutter Installation Introduction When installing any of our gutter brackets it is advisable to put all the brackets in a perfectly level line . The various gutter profiles we offer are deep enough to allow for a proper flow of the rainwater from the gutter to the downpipe outlets. Check where the gutter will sit once the […]

Cast Iron Guttering Installation Instructions

06 May 2016 | 12:19

  Cast Iron Gutters Fix cast iron gutter brackets at 600mm centres to give correct line and level. Use appropriate length stainless steel screw. Place gutter in position and ensure correct sit into brackets. Ensure all joint areas are clean, dry, dust and grease free prior to applying silicone sealant. Apply 2 no. 6mm beads of low […]