Cast Iron Guttering Installation Instructions

Cast Iron Gutters

  1. Fix cast iron gutter brackets at 600mm centres to give correct line and level. Use appropriate length stainless steel screw.
  2. Place gutter in position and ensure correct sit into brackets.
  3. Ensure all joint areas are clean, dry, dust and grease free prior to applying silicone sealant.
  4. Apply 2 no. 6mm beads of low modulas silicone to joint and around bolt hole.
  5. Insert 25 x 5mm stainless fixing bolts from the underside of the gutter. Do not over tighten.
  6. Remove any surplus sealant from faces of gutter.
  7. Gutter may be cut using a tungsten tipped hacksaw or powered disc cutter.
  8. Ensure any cut ends are painted.

Painting Specification

  1. Products supplied in a grey transit coat only.
  2. All pipes, gutters and accessories should be inspected for any sign of rust and cleaned using a wire brush.
  3. A primer coat should then be applied, followed by two coats of undercoat and one coat of gloss.
  4. For coastal areas, please consult your paint stockist for appropriate specification.