FAQs – GRP Range


Q1. Where do I obtain Rainguard products?

Rainguard products are available direct from us here in Leeds or through most local/national builders merchants.

Q2. How available is your GRP range of rainwater goods?

As our GRP range is handmade, each order is treated separately. Lead times are generally 5 days for hoppers and 14 days for complete systems.

Q3. Can we have the GRP system in any colour?

Yes you can. We manufacture most products in black however, it is just as easy to manufacture in a colour. Choose from the BS Colour Range or RAL Colour range. A small premium may apply for powder coating brackets if applicable.

Q4. How long will the GRP range last for before it needs re painting?

All our GRP products are through coloured using the finest materials available. GRP Colours are very UV stable and, as such, will not fade in sunlight like some uPVC products. This stability gives the product a life of 25 years before re painting is necessary. This may be reduced in coastal environments.

Q5. Can I use my own joint sealant?

Whilst we cannot insist that our own brand silicone is used we can advise that comprehensive testing has taken place using Yeoman Sealant to ensure the best adhesion/water tightness available.

Q7. Can I have a radius gutter in your GRP range?

Yes you can. GRP guttering is perfect for radius gutters as we can make moulds so suit any radius. These are usually supplied in 1.0m lengths and radius template would be required.

Q8. Can you match an existing cast iron gutter?

Yes we can. If we are provided with an original gutter we can sandblast this and then take a mould from it. We can then produce lengths of gutter that will be exactly the same as before, down to each little blemish.