Guttering in Southampton

01 August 2016

Guttering in Southampton

The largest city in Hampshire Southampton is famous for it’s port with this being the place that the Titanic set sail. As well as the titanic departure Southampton is one of the places in which Spitfire planes left on D-day during WWII.

Steeped in history and heritage Southampton has some of the finest architecture in the UK, with over 30 listed buildings within the city, meaning that standard plastic guttering won’t be suitable for a large portion of the buildings.

At Rainguard we offer bespoke guttering solutions made from a variety of metals and glass reinforced plastic which can be in keeping with the properties current design if a traditional build or something new for a more modern building.

As well as supplying metal guttering to buildings in Southampton the Rainguard team can provide an installation service, so if you are an architect our team will do the manual labour for you.

Available Guttering Solutions

Aluminium Guttering – this material is the most popular we have and it looks great on both old and new buildings. Our aluminium guttering is available in both standard an XL sizes and comes ready to fit.

Cast Iron Guttering – This style and material looks great on classic homes seamlessly blending with your property to ensure it retains its traditional looks.

Copper Guttering – The copper guttering solutions look stunning and suit a wide variety of homes, starting in a wonderful copper colour and progressing into a wonderfully natural pattern adding value to your property.

Zinc Guttering – Achieving a fantastic pattern as time goes on that enables this range to blend seamlessly with both modern and traditional buildings.

Stainless Steel Guttering – The stainless steel guttering we supply is a modern product which adds a contemporary feel to your home, office or rental property.

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