Pattern: 4030 MOG

A Pattern: 4030 MOG in GRP. All gutters, pipes and accessories are finished in a textured polyester powder coating to give years of maintenance free service.

Technical SpecificationTech Spec
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Glass fibre reinforced mouldings, glass fibre laminations, Lloyds approved resins
1.8m plus spigot
Black, and is also available in any BS5252 (inc BS4800) or RAL colour. Click here to see the range of colours.
Fixed using fascia or rafter brackets
Only periodic cleaning is required
100 x 75mm

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XL Square Pipe Top Offset 102°

XL Square Pipe Timber Frame Bracket

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XL Square Pipe Side Bend 112°

XL Square Pipe Shoe

XL Square Pipe Rainguard Diverter

XL Square Pipe Plinth Offset 135°

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Standard Square to Round Connector

Standard Shoe

Standard Side Bend 112° (Available left or right hand front-back.)

Standard Branch 112° - available left or right hand front-back

Standard Side Offset 102° ( 0-900mm projection to order.)

Standard Plinth Offset 135° (0-900mm projection to order.)

Standard 2 Part Top Offset 102° (for projections 150mm to 600mm. Available left or right.)

Standard 1 Part Top Offest 102° (0-900m projection to order.)

Polytop Screw

Drain Grate

Drain Cover

Drain Base


Ornamental Decorative Ears

Cloverleaf Decorative Ears

Aluminium Wire Balloon

Aluminium Bobbin

XL Drainage Cover. (Not available in 100mm dia.)

XL Drainage Grate (Not available in 100mm dia.)

XL Drainage Base

XL Timber Frame (Not available in 100mm Dia)

XL Rainwater Diverter Kit (75mm Dia., 75 x 75mm square only)

XL Loose Clip Straight Through

XL Loose Socket with Spigot

XL Square to Round Connector

XL Side Bend 112° (Available left or right hand front-back.)

XL Branch 112° (Available left or right hand front-back)

XL Side Offset 102° (0-900mm projection to order. Available left or right hand.)

XL Plinth Offset 135° (0-900mm projection to order)

XL 2 Part Top Offset 102° for projections 150mm to 600mm

XL 1 Part Top Offset 102° (0-900mm projection to order)

Cast Fascia Bracket (Other Bracket styles available)

Cast Right Stop End

Cast Left Stop End

Cast Union Clip

Cast 135° Internal Angle

Cast 135° External Angle

Cast 90° Internal Angle

Cast 90° External Angle

Cast Running Outlet

XL Adjustable Rafter Bracker (Top fix also available)

XL Drive-in Rise & Fall Bracket

XL Fascia Bracket

XL Joint Clip

XL Right Hand Stop End

XL Left Hand Stop End

XL 135° Internal Angle

XL 135° External Angles

XL 90° Internal Angle

XL 90° External Angle

XL Stop End Outlet (available left or right hand)

XL Running Outlet

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