Renew School Guttering With Rainguard

29 April 2019

Renew School Guttering With Rainguard


A rainwater system is an essential part of a building’s infrastructure. In a school environment where safety, aesthetics and quality are paramount, having reliable guttering in place is vital. For new build projects and for refurbishments, our range of guttering products can suit any requirement. Whether your school is an older building that is in need of heritage materials such as cast iron, or a new build project specifying with sustainability in mind, Rainguard provides guttering to suit.

Heritage Refurbishment

There are over 5,000 listed school buildings in England — a clear marker of the heritage and rich history of many of Britain’s school buildings. Almost every town in the country features school buildings that date back 100 years or more. These heritage structures both demand and deserve guttering that looks the part. At Rainguard, we offer cast iron guttering and copper guttering which can refurbish a heritage property and either retain or respect the building’s aesthetics.

What’s more, our guttering systems prize safety which is vitally important in a school environment. When heritage elements of your structure start to breakdown and fail, they must be replaced quickly. 

Modern Materials

For new build projects or to update an older property, guttering must be modern. This doesn’t just mean style – it also means bringing the advantages of modern technology to a rainwater system. Our aluminium guttering is the perfect example of modern materials for a school. It is strong, lightweight, long-lasting and cuts down heavily on maintenance work. It does not require repainting and is also easy to install, which a school’s facilities manager will appreciate.

Designing for the Playground

A further consideration for school guttering systems is the playground factor. Schools that feature playgrounds must pay close attention to safety. Downpipes and other accessible parts of a guttering system need to be robust enough to stand up to everything from knocks through to vandalism or climbing. We can talk through safety concerns and help you design a safe guttering solution.

Sustainability as a Design Concern

As schools teach the future generations, they also need to be future-focused. When choosing materials, schools need sustainable solutions. Our aluminium guttering solutions are environmentally-focused, offering both ecological and economical advantages.

With the school holidays almost upon us, now is the time to plan your renovation or construction works. If you’d like to learn more about guttering and rainwater systems for school environments, get in touch today.