Tips on Cleaning Cast Iron Gutters

29 April 2016

Tips on Cleaning Cast Iron Gutters

If you’ve just become a homeowner you might not be aware a particular annual activity that you are now obliged to undertake: cleaning your cast iron gutters. It is a necessary task, but it might not be as time consuming or difficult as you think. Read on for more information and tips on the clearing out of gutters.

Why and When?

The reason you have to clean out your cast iron guttering is that leaves and debris and other dirt that comes from your roof will have landed in your gutters and have no way out other than through the pipes. Needless to say this could easily cause blockages in the gutters and the downpipes. An annual clearing out session is therefore necessary so you can clear any build up and also prevent any more serious blockages from happening. A good time to do this is at the end of autumn when most of the leaves have fallen off the trees. That way you can have clear gutters during the winter, which is often the wettest season in the UK.

How to get started

You can either get a ladder, or if you prefer to stay on the ground you could try using a pressure washer or a hose. If you do use a ladder, try not to lean it up against the guttering itself to prevent any damage or the ladder slipping. You must take care to secure the ladder properly before you carry out the work and try to have someone with you in case you need help or drop something on the ground.

Using your hands (with good gloves on!) or a gutter trowel, scrape out the leaves and dirt from the cast iron gutters and stick them in a plastic bag or bucket so you can easily carry it down afterwards and get rid of it appropriately.

If you fear that your downpipe has been blocked you can buy a drainage rod from most hardware shops which you need to push through from above. The causes of the blockage will come out at the bottom.
While you are cleaning them out do check for holes, leaks and rust as well as sagging gutters.

Cast iron gutters are extremely durable and provided they are maintained regularly they can last for decades. Find out more by calling 0113 279 5854 or email