Our Traditional Style Materials Help Churches Maintain Their Original Look

04 March 2019

Our Traditional Style Materials Help Churches Maintain Their Original Look

As one of the UK’s leading providers of rainwater systems, Yeoman Rainguard has a comprehensive product range that suits even the most bespoke specifications. Our years of knowledge mean that we can offer our services to properties from new builds to listed buildings and churches, with materials that can help to maintain a property’s original look.

One of the finest examples of this is the work that we completed for the 600-year-old Knowle Parish Church. When it was identified that the North Aisle rainwater system was in dire need of replacement, the Knowle PCC Fabric team looked into an aesthetically pleasing, functional alternative.

As a solution, we installed our GRP gutters and downpipes, a material that allows us to add decorative motives, dates and designs that can be fabricated to match original and existing ones. A choice of colours and finishes are also available, helping the rainwater system to remain in keeping with the building’s architectural heritage. In the case of Knowle Parish Church, a lead finish was chosen.

GRP is not only easy to handle and install, but lasts for over 30 years or more, ensuring peace of mind. The products are also UV stable, meaning that they will not diminish in colour overtime and require no maintenance other than a regular clean out.

We also supplied some of the GRP for the exterior of Dublin Cathedral, which was the first use of this material for a Grade 1 listed building.

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