The Yeoman range of turrets and clock towers are produced using the hand lay-up moulding technique. All materials used are British Standard approved, chopped strand mat to BS3496, woven rovings to BS3691 and polyester resin to BS3532.

All are through coloured and pigments used are rated to BS1006.

The specification offers a high degree of weather resistance ensuring your Yeoman Turret or Clock Tower will give many years of excellent service.

The standard side panel of both the Grange and Rectory turrets is shiplap boarding whilst the Manor turret has flat side panels. The Farnley Turret has dummy louvres

Aluminium louvre panels can be fitted if required, to give airflow to the roof space or to provide an outlet for a mechanical ventilation system supplied and fitted by others.


Farnley Turret

Grange Turret with Steeple Roof

Grange Turret with Domed Roof

Rectory Turret with Domed Roof

Rectory Turret with Steeple Roof

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