Aluminium Downpipes

Our Aluminium downpipes are not only a functional rainwater solution, but with our range of available designs, they also add character and value to your property. Coming in round pipe, square pipe or rectangular pipe options, these are ideal for a wide range of projects including new build, renovations, self-build and contract work.

Materials Composition

Yeoman Rainguard Aluminium downpipes are built with longevity and durability firmly in mind. Our downpipes utilise aluminium alloy to EN AW-6063 T6 BS 12020 – 2:2001, with our Cast Aluminium downpipes using gravity-fed die castings of an LM 27 Alloy. This superb material quality means you can rest assured that your guttering will last through the years, with our range providing an average lifecycle of 30+ years.

Shape & Dimensions

Our Aluminium downpipes are supplied in standard 3.0m, 2.0m and 1.0m lengths, allowing for straightforward planning and installation to your requirements. All lengths come complete with an eared socket unless otherwise required. A wide range of Aluminium accessories are also available to help ensure your Aluminium downpipes are the perfect fit for your project, with branches, bends, connecting pieces and more available.

Colours & Finishes

All pipes and accessories are pre-finished in black textured polyester powder coating to give years of maintenance-free service. Our Aluminium downpipes can also be supplied in a standard mill finish. Our vision colour range is also readily available, with a small premium charged for bespoke colour application; please see our colours page or brochure for further details.

Premium Aluminum Downpipes (XL)

Often used in conjunction with deep flow guttering like our XL Aluminium guttering range our XL aluminium pipe range are perfect for use on buildings with large or steep roofs, as the larger pipe width allows for quick distribution of the rain water from the gutters.

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SL Aluminium Downpies

The new SL Aluminium down pipes from Yeoman Rainguard are perfect for when quality and economy go hand in hand – for example a housing development where costings need to be adhered to but quality and value for money to the house owner is important.

At a lower cost the SL Aluminium downpipes still brings the quality expected of Aluminium being lightweight, corrosion resistant and low maintenance.

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Standard Aluminium Downpipes

Whether you’re an architect, building manager or homeowner, discuss your project with a Yeoman Rainguard professional today for free advice on a wide range of Aluminium downpipes .

The perfect partner to our Cast or XL Aluminium guttering our standard aluminium downpipes are perfect for a wide variety of homes and buildings, using the finest materials to create good looking and functional guttering systems that require very little maintenance.

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