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Metal downpipes, also known as down spouts or just pipes are what takes water away from your guttering to drains or water butts to ensure that your guttering doesn’t flood and that water doesn’t damage the buildings foundations.

Similar to our guttering range our downpipes come in a variety of different materials which offers you a complete rainwater solution in the same material.  By holding a variety of materials and downpipe profiles in stock ensures we have a product to suit all styles of home.





With such a wide choice in material and styles choosing the correct downpipe for you home can be a little perplexing. To help you through the process our team of experts can advise you on which rainwater system would best suit your home based upon its size, style and age.



Suited to Benefits Properties
Aluminium Downpipes New build, Industrial and Traditional buildings Light-weight, durable, non-corrodible An adaptable material which has a lifecycle of over 25 years providing your home with a reliable guttering solution
GRP Downpipes Modern and traditional buildings Lightweight, in-expensive & durable This lightweight product is manufactured from glass fibre reinforced mouldings offering a durable and maintenance free option to replacing damaged lead & cast iron downpipes on traditional buildings.
Cast Iron Downpipes Listed and heritage buildings Durable, strong and low maintenance A classic looking downpipe that will add value to your home for many years
TX Cast Iron Soil Pipes All buildings, both modern and traditional Durable, 50+ year life expectancy, Safely removes waste without incident from buildings of both traditional and modern architecture.
Copper, Zinc & Stainless Steel Downpipes Modern homes wishing for an extravagant look 50+ year life cycle, unique and maintenance free A classical material which dates as far back as the 3rd century B.C.

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