XL Aluminium Guttering

Suitable for a wide range of properties, our XL Aluminium range of guttering products are the go-to choice for rainwater projects requiring easy installation and a quality build. Our XL Aluminium products offer a versatile and maintenance-free option, with our range of adaptable products ensuring you find the solution to your guttering needs.

Long Lifecycle

Delivering years of maintenance-free use over a lifecycle of 30+ years, our XL Aluminium Gutters are created using aluminium alloy to EN AW-6063 T6 BS 12020 – 2:2001, assuring superb material quality.

The lifecycle of our XL Aluminium Gutters can be further extended through periodic cleaning and removal of leaves and debris from the gutter, providing our customers with peace of mind that their rainwater system will not require replacement for many years to come.

Easy Installation

Our XL Aluminium range of guttering utilises joint fix technology for quick and easy installation on site. Designed to help speed up and simplify the process of fixing your guttering, the addition of internal joint clips provides a secure and reliable result whilst removing the need for mechanical fixings. To help ensure your installation goes smoothly, we also have full instructions available in the Resources section.

Range of Colours

Coming pre-finished in black textured polyester powder coating as standard, our XL Aluminium guttering can also be colour matched to the palettes of renowned paint manufacturers such as Dulux, Farrow & Ball or Little Greene, and can be supplied in a milled finish if desired. Interested in installing our XL Aluminium guttering? Contact a member of our expert team below to get advice, fitting support and guidance, or to book a free site survey.

At Yeoman Rainguard, we offer the option of comprehensive support, from help developing your concept to our renowned installation service. However, if you’d like to fit our XL Aluminium guttering yourself, we’re happy to send our materials directly to site to be fitted. Simply contact our team to discuss your requirements.

XL Half Round Gutter

XL Half Round Gutter

Sizes: 125 x 55mm
XL COG Gutter

XL COG Gutter

Sizes: 125 x 65mm
XL Deep Flow Half Round Gutter

XL Deep Flow Half Round Gutter

Sizes: 130 x 100mm
XL Mog Gutter

XL MOG Gutter

Sizes: 150 x 100mm, 125 x 100mm, 100 x 75mm
XL Box Gutter

XL Box Gutter

Sizes: 125 x 100mm

Aluminium Guttering Accessories

Designed to complement your XL Aluminium guttering, our accessories range includes outlets, internal and external angles, stop ends, joint clips, fascia brackets, fixing screws, join sealants and more, helping complete your rainwater system.


Standard Gutter Accessories

  • Running outlets
  • Stop end outlets (handed)
  • 90 degree external & internal angles
  • 135 degree external & internal angles
  • Stop ends(handed)
  • Joint clips
  • Fascia brackets
  • Rise & fallbrackets
  • Silicone joint sealent
  • Stainless steel fixing screws

Optional Gutter Accessories

  • Non-standard angles or special gutter configurations made to order
  • Special brackets

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