Large GRP Hoppers

Designed for larger heritage buildings, our Large GRP hopper range features 16 classic designs, from understated classics to adorned embellishments. If you have a large heritage property requiring a traditional style of rainwater system, our Large GRP hoppers are the ideal finishing touch which simultaneously adding further functionality to your GRP system by transporting up to 2/3 more water into your downpipes.

Durability and Lifecycle

Created from glass fibre reinforced mouldings, our Large GRP hoppers offer a superb balance of lightweight design and superb durability. With an average lifecycle of 30 years which can be further extended through periodic cleaning, you can be assured that our Large GRP hoppers will last you through the years.

Bespoke Designs

In addition to our 16 standard designs, our Large GRP hoppers can have coats of arms, dates or other embellishments added to your requirements.

Looking for further customisation? The versatility of our GRP hoppers range means that we create completely bespoke hoppers to your requirements, either replicating an existing design via moulding or creating a new design to your specifications.

Available Colours

Our Large GRP hoppers are through-coloured, providing a colour option that will not dent or chip away over time with continued use.

Our GRP hoppers range comes as standard in a cast iron black – but for projects where alternate colours are required, we can also provide these products in the Yeoman Rainguard Vision colour range.