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With a large selection of materials and sizes to choose from, our metal hoppers won’t look out of place on traditional or modern houses. See below to find the best solution for your home or new build.

Metal hoppers are often used for decoration purposes as they can add a nice touch to your guttering, but they also have a functional use and mean that up to 66% more rainwater can be transferred to the downpipes, reducing water flowing onto other areas of the property.




We pride ourselves on the quality and range of our metal hoppers, giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to what they’re getting for their money and giving lots of options for customers who maybe haven’t decided on exactly what they want. Our hoppers work best when paired with our metal guttering and downpipes. If you’re still having trouble, just give us a call and we can talk you through all of the options available to you.

What Metal Hopper Material Do You Need?

Deciding on a material can be tricky and shouldn’t just be done on design alone, consideration also needs to be placed on the life cycle of your chosen material:




Suited to Benefits Properties
Large GRP Hoppers Listed Buildings With Steep Rooves Durable, Increased Water Drainage GRP Hoppers from 350mm wide to 630mm, providing a cast iron look for smaller budgets
Medium GRP Hoppers All types of architecture from modern to traditional buildings Versatile, easily installed, durable GRP Hoppers from 295mm wide to 485mm, providing a cast iron look for smaller budgets
Small GRP Hoppers All buildings with standard rooves Expensive looking, durable, 25+ year life cycle GRP Hoppers from 230mm wide to 355mm, providing a cast iron look for smaller budgets
Cast Iron Hoppers Traditional & listed buildings Strong, high quality & 50+ year life cycle A traditional looking material with an expensive look which can add value to any home.
Copper, Zinc & Stainless Steel Hoppers Heritage homes or listed buildings Ecologically friendly, low maintenance, cost effective Vibrant in colour which changes over time to a green patina due to oxidisation, which can also be done more quickly through the use of our paints.
Aluminium Hoppers Modern & Contemporary Buildings Light weight, durable, low maintenance Aluminium hoppers provide your home with a longer, more reliable working life than plastic hoppers.

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