Aluminium Rainwater Systems

Yeoman Rainguard Aluminium Rainwater Systems are a well-rounded option suitable for all types of buildings. Whilst these systems can fit effortlessly with many different styles of building, they are particularly desirable for new build, extension or refurbishment projects where a traditional feel is required.

Available in a wide range of designs, shapes, sizes and dimensions, our aluminium guttering, downpipes and hoppers can be tailored to suit your design requirements, ensuring you retain your property’s character without compromising on your aesthetic preferences.

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Easy to Install
Non Corroding
Cost Effective

Strong and Long-Lasting

Providing an attractive and resilient system, our Aluminium range can reduce maintenance and replacement requirements. These systems offer long-reaching average lifecycles of 30+ years, making sure your guttering and downpipes will not require replacement before their time.

Lightweight and con-corroding, our aluminium systems provider a durable guttering system for those who place reliability as a priority.


Aluminium is also an ecologically green material, boasting a range of environmental benefits. Our aluminium gutters, downpipes, hoppers and accessories are 100% recyclable without any degradation to material quality, helping to conserve the earth’s resources when it’s eventually time for a new rainwater system.

Easy to Install

Featuring joint fix technology for improved ease of installation, the Rainguard Aluminium range is designed for quick and easy installation on-site, minimising fixing times whilst providing a secure fitting.

Range of Colours

We supply our Aluminium range in a choice of colours. Available pre-painted in the Yeoman Rainguard Vision Range, we can also provide these painted in any BS5252 (inc BS4800) colour or those from the RAL colour range, making them the perfect finishing touch to your project.

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Aluminium gutters provide properties with a longer, more reliable lifecycle compared to the commonly used plastic gutters.


Aluminium downpipes are supplied in standard 3.0m, 2.0m and 1.0m lengths with a longer and more reliable lifecycle.


Aluminium hoppers provide your home with a longer, more reliable working life than plastic hoppers.


From brackets to covers Aluminium accessories are integral to a successful rainwater system.

Ready to Buy Aluminium Range

125 x 75mm HR SL Gutter

Length: 2m | 3m
from £39.80
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125 x 100mm MOG SL Gutter

Length: 2m | 3m
from £44.75
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75mm Dia SL Ali RWP

Length: 1m | 2m | 3m
from £19.10
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100mm Dia SL Ali RWP

Length: 1m | 2m | 3m
from £23.45
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Swinton Hopper

York Hopper