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Aluminium Rainwater Systems

Yeoman Rainguard’s Aluminium gutters and rainwater systems fit seamlessly with many traditional styles of building yet they also excel when it comes to new build projects. Aluminium gutters can deliver both the traditional and modern styling simultaneously, which is something other forms of guttering struggle to achieve.

Aluminium guttering was first used on homes and buildings in the 1960’s and due to the way it was produced it changed the guttering landscape. Aluminium gutters are now easier to produce whilst still being robust, making them a more viable guttering system.

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What Products Do You need

A complete rainwater system consists of multiple products including:

 What is it ?Average Life Cycle
Aluminium GuttersOne of the fundamental aspects of a rainwater system. The Aluminium gutters capture the rainfall preventing it from damaging brickwork and the buildings foundations.30 Years
Aluminium DownpipesThe downpipes take the water from the gutters to the drains or water butts, again preventing damage to building foundations. 30 Years
Aluminium HoppersHoppers are most commonly used to add decoration to rainwater solutions but they also allow for 66% more rainwater to be transferred through the downpipes. 30 Years

Our Aluminium Ranges

At Yeoman Rainguard we supply aluminium gutters, downpipes, hoppers and any accessories you may need to create a full rainwater system. Our aluminium products can fall into four categories, our XL and SL Aluminium range along with Standard and Cast Aluminium products.


Advantages of Aluminium Rainwater Systems:

Aluminium has a number of advantages over other materials other metals which include:

  • Light-weight
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Non corroding
  • Cost effective

XL Aluminium Range

These aluminium gutters storm ahead of the market in terms of jointing technology and speed of installation. The range is very durable and designed to withstand everything the elements care to throw at it.

The offering of a deep flow gutter option the  XL range is ideal for homes that have large or steep rooves, as the extra width and depth on the gutters and downpipes allows for quick drainage preventing any leaks or water overflows which can damage brick work and foundations.

As with all our rainwater systems our experts can provide you with advice on the best products for your home as well as installation, reducing the risk whilst saving you time and money

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SL Aluminium Range

Alongside our XL, Standard and Cast Aluminium product ranges Yeoman Rainguard have introduce their new SL rainwater system. This robust and long lasting rainwater system is ideal for self builders, housebuilders, developers and contractors alike.

The SL range with both sound economical and ecological assets lends it self especially to those building multiple or large units.

Standard & Cast Aluminium Range

Our standard range of aluminium guttering products are used by homeowners, self builders, and commercial specifiers. Combining a high quality finish with durability and an easy installation process our standard aluminium range are ideal for homes of all styles.





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