Anti Climb

Manufactured from sturdy GRP, Yeoman Rainguard’s Anticlimb system is perfect for providing an extra layer of protection to both your rainwater system and the contents of your building.

The maintenance-free system fits over existing downpipes and fully encases them, providing further protection and making it virtually impossible to climb your pipes. Due to the nature of our Anti Climb range, these products are compatible with any style of rainwater system, regardless of the material used for the downpipes, hoppers or guttering.

Our Anti Climb pipes are therefore suitable for both residential and commercial applications, helping to protect your business or personal assets. Popularly used for applications such as schools, prisons, police stations and hospitals, our Anti Climb downpipe covers protect valuable pipework as well as your valuables within the property or facility.

What colours and dimensions of Anti Climb downpipe covers are available?

With our Anti Climb system, you can enjoy total design flexibility. The downpipe covers can be manufactured in any colour in accordance with your building’s exterior design, so you can feel secure without compromising on your home or facility’s aesthetic.

You can also rest assured of the lifespan of your Rainguard Anti Climb system; products from the Anti Climb range are through-coloured, preventing the need for routine repainting, and lowering general maintenance costs. The Anti Climb range is also easier and cheaper to replace than your existing downpipes – in the event of damage, replacement downpipe covers will can be easily swapped in.

We offer a range of standard profiles, designed to fit alongside our Rainwater systems, which can be found below. For situations where a unique building must be accommodated and the Anticlimb system may need to be adapted, we can also create bespoke shapes, sizes and profiles.

Installation by our experienced, accredited fixing team is available, as with the rest of our products. However, if you have experience in this field and feel confident installing our Anti Climb rainwater pipes, the Rainguard team will provide you with all the necessary information you need to do so.

Want to know more about our Anticlimb system? Request a copy of our brochure or contact our expert team.

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