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Zinc, Copper & Stainless Steel Rainwater Systems.

Some of the most traditional and popular metals in the world are also perfect for rainwater systems. Copper, Zinc and Stainless steel all offer unique advantages and outstanding aesthetic value to your home.

  • Copper rainwater systems add that timeless look to a home, whilst boasting cost-efficiency, environmental-friendliness and a pleasing patina that develops over years.
  • Zinc rainwater systems are stylish on lighter brickwork, weathering over time into interesting shades of grey. Zinc also offers a paint free finish and is easy to install thanks to its lightweight properties.
  • Stainless steel rainwater systems are contemporary solutions that offer a pleasing metallic finish and lasting durability for customers who need hardwearing rainwater materials. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, and looks great against darker brickwork.

At Rainguard we not only supply high quality products but also offer an installation service to fit a copper, zinc and stainless steel rainwater system that includes guttering, downpipes and hoppers, for your property. We use our years of expertise and product knowledge to ensure the highest quality in both product and service.

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Our systems explained

Each material has its own unique advantages and aesthetics. Whether you choose copper, zinc or stainless steel, all three provide high quality, high durability low maintenance systems for your home.

Copper Rainwater Systems

A complete copper rainwater system includes a number of critical products to provide optimum performance, including:

 What Is It?Average Life Cycle
Copper GutteringCopper gutters are the fundamental element of a rainwater system, preventing damage to brickwork and roofs by diverting rainfall.100 years
Copper DownpipesCopper downpipes channel the rainwater collected by the guttering into drains or water butts.100 years
Copper HoppersHoppers improve the efficiency of guttering increasing the volume of rainwater through downpipes by 66%. They are also an added stylish feature for your home through their ornate decoration.100 years

Advantages of Copper Rainwater Systems:

As a material Copper has a great number of attributes including:-

  • Fully sustainable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Extremely durable
  • Long lifespan
  • Low maintenance
  • Acts as an algaecide and fungicide meaning moss and lichen growth is kept to a minimum


Zinc Rainwater Systems

A complete zinc rainwater system includes a number of critical products including

 What Is It?Average Life Cycle
Zinc GutteringGuttering is a vital element to any property. Zinc guttering guarantees damage prevention to the exterior of the building by collecting and diverting rainfall.30-50 Years
Zinc DownpipesDownpipes are essential in further preventing damage to the building brickwork, by directing the rain from the gutter to a drain or water butt.30-50 Years
Zinc HoppersHoppers act as a catalyst to allow a larger amount of water to be carried away from the roof through the downpipes30-50 years

Advantages of Zinc Rainwater Systems

Having a Zinc system installed on your building can offer a number of advantages that will help you to decide whether it’s the right material for you. These include:

  • Maintains a striking appearance
  • Highly adaptable
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-corrodible
  • Easy to install

Stainless Steel Rainwater Systems

A complete stainless steel rainwater system includes a number of critical products including:

 What Is It?Average Life Cycle
Stainless Steel GutteringGuttering is the functional answer to prevent your building from being damaged by weather conditions. Stainless Steel guttering transports the water towards the downpipes.20 - 40 years
Stainless Steel DownpipesDownpipes go hand in hand with guttering, further stopping any damage to your property exterior by taking the water down to a water butt or drain.20 - 40 years
Stainless Steel HoppersHoppers are practical and decorative adding to the efficiency of a rainwater system20 - 40 years

Advantages of Stainless Steel Rainwater Systems:

A Stainless Steel rainwater system offers both practical and aesthetic advantages that will support you in making a decision as to which material is right for your project. These include:

  • Strong
  • Shiny aesthetic
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Corrosion resistant

Which rainwater system is right for me?

Each of our traditional metallic systems offers corrosion resistance and similar durability – although they do vary in system longevity and price. Ultimately, selecting the perfect material is a question of aesthetic value and cost. At Rainguard, we can discuss your requirements and help you select a solution that offers minimal maintenance, cost-efficiency and will boost the aesthetic value of your home.

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