Metal guttering is an integral part of your buildings infrastructure and is something that if left un-attended can cause damage to brickwork and building foundations resulting in costly repairs. Guttering has been used on buildings since the Romans conquered Britain in 410AD. Originally made from stone, guttering has adapted to meet the styles of different buildings and requirements as lifestyles and industry have evolved. From aluminium guttering to cast iron and copper guttering, Yeoman Rainguard provides a variety of materials and sizes to suit properties of different shapes, sizes and traditions.





Guttering Materials

Yeoman Rainguard’s choice of gutter materials are predominantly metal offering durability, longevity, style and a maintenance free rainwater system. We also manufacture gutters in GRP (Glass reinforced mouldings) which is a great option for replacing old cast iron or damaged lead gutters.





Suited to Benefits Properties
Aluminium Guttering Traditionally Designed or New Builds Light-weight, durable, non-corrodible Aluminium gutters provide properties with a longer, more reliable lifecycle compared to the commonly used plastic gutters.
GRP Guttering All Homes Cheap, flexible, looks like cast iron Our GRP guttering gives your building a look of quality as it replicates the look of cast iron, but is more economical, lightweight and maintenance free.
Cast Iron Guttering Heritage homes or listed buildings Strong, durable, low maintenance Cast Iron gutters have an extremely long working life, and when they begin to erode the iron ash which is released is carbon based making it good for the environment.
Copper, Zinc & Stainless Steel Guttering Heritage homes or listed buildings Ecologically friendly, low maintenance, cost effective Vibrant in colour which changes over time to a green patina due to oxidisation. This process gives the guttering an aged look but with all the benefits of a new rainwater system
Zinc Guttering Modern architecture Light-weight, strong, highly adaptable Zinc and stainless steel have extremely similar properties making them ideal for buildings that require a paint free finish resulting in a low maintenance rainwater system
Stainless Steel Guttering Ideal for modern homes & commercial projects Low cost & highly versatile Stainless steel has similar properties to Zinc, in that it is highly corrosion resistant and develops a soft pattern over time. Making them ideal for buildings that require a paint free finish resulting in a low maintenance rainwater system.

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