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Guttering is a vital part of a rainwater system, as it diverts rainwater away from the building, protecting both the structure and the foundations. Guttering can come in a range of sizes to suit the shape and size of your roof: the larger or steeper the roof, the more concentrated the flow of rainfall will be.

Our guttering comes in a variety of materials: aluminium, GRP, cast iron, copper, zinc and stainless steel. Different materials are suitable to different styles of homes, both aesthetically and functionally. Our aluminium guttering is our most popular choice, due to its long lifecycle and reasonable price.

At Rainguard we offer four different styles of Aluminium guttering, each with a variety of properties and benefits that will suit different sizes and types of properties. This range extends from XL and SL Aluminium rainwater systems as well as Standard and Cast Aluminium which can all offer you something different. You can pair aluminium gutters with our Aluminium Downpipes for a complete finish.



Why should you choose aluminium guttering?

Aluminium is a very durable and non-corroding material – ideal for a guttering system. Aluminium guttering has an attractive finish, making it a great addition to your home’s exterior. It has the look of a traditional period property’s guttering but with all of the benefits of a modern guttering system.

We are proud to say that our systems offer peace of mind with their low-maintenance qualities, and we’re at the top of the market of aluminium guttering suppliers with our XL Aluminium gutters when it comes to jointing technology and speed of installation.

How long do aluminium gutters last?

Aluminium’s long lasting life means it has to be repaired or replaced less frequently. This makes aluminium box guttering incredibly cost effective, as well as low maintenance as it requires less hassle on your part.

How do I install aluminium guttering?

Aluminium is a lightweight metal which makes aluminium guttering incredibly easy to install. SL Aluminium guttering in particular is very easy to fit, as it requires no mechanical fixings. If you should want to install your aluminium guttering products yourself, we offer a range of installation guides on our website to show you how to do it correctly.

To find out more about each of these styles of Aluminium Guttering then follow the links below. Alternatively, you can download our brochure or give one of our experts a ring today.


Suited to Benefits Properties
Aluminium Guttering Traditionally Designed or New Builds Light-weight, durable, non-corrodible Aluminium gutters provide properties with a longer, more reliable lifecycle compared to the commonly used plastic gutters.
GRP Guttering All Homes Cheap, flexible, looks like cast iron Our GRP guttering gives your building a look of quality as it replicates the look of cast iron, but is more economical, lightweight and maintenance free.
Cast Iron Guttering Heritage homes or listed buildings Strong, durable, low maintenance Cast Iron gutters have an extremely long working life, and when they begin to erode the iron ash which is released is carbon based making it good for the environment.
Copper, Zinc & Stainless Steel Guttering Heritage homes or listed buildings Ecologically friendly, low maintenance, cost effective Vibrant in colour which changes over time to a green patina due to oxidisation. This process gives the guttering an aged look but with all the benefits of a new rainwater system
Zinc Guttering Modern architecture Light-weight, strong, highly adaptable Zinc and stainless steel have extremely similar properties making them ideal for buildings that require a paint free finish resulting in a low maintenance rainwater system
Stainless Steel Guttering Ideal for modern homes & commercial projects Low cost & highly versatile Stainless steel has similar properties to Zinc, in that it is highly corrosion resistant and develops a soft pattern over time. Making them ideal for buildings that require a paint free finish resulting in a low maintenance rainwater system.

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