Medium GRP Hoppers

Ideal for larger homes, our Medium GRP hoppers are a classic and heritage touch to your property’s rainwater system. With a lifecycle of over 30 years, these products are durable and reliable, transporting up to two-thirds more water into downpipes whilst maintaining the traditional rainwater system look.

Designs Options
With 18 standard designs available, our Medium GRP hopper can be further modified by adding dates, coats of arms, embellishments and more, providing an unrivalled level of versatility to help meet your design needs.

Bespoke Builds
If you require further customisation, we can also create new hopper designs from scratch according to your specifications. Our design team will assist in this process, helping to ensure a result that is both functional and fulfils your design vision.

If you have a current hopper design that forms an important part of your building design, we can create a moulding and replicate your existing system, helping to preserve an important part of your exterior design whilst updating your current worn hopper.

Available Colours
All GRP hoppers are through-coloured, meaning that scratches and scuffs over time will not impact the colour of your hopper. Coming finished as standard in cast iron black, these are also available in the Yeoman Rainguard Vision colour range upon request.

Discover our range below and take a look through our case studies to see our Small GRP hoppers in action!

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