GRP Rainwater Systems

Yeoman Rainguard GRP Rainwater Systems are a lightweight, durable product particularly suitable for the replacement of heavy cast iron or lead gutters & downpipes on traditional, heritage and listed buildings.

The versatility of GRP means it can be adapted to bespoke mouldings and shapes. This makes it ideal for new build projects where that extra something is required for a unique finishing touch. Alternatively, it provides owners of heritage buildings a method of preserving the unique design features and characteristics of their existing original rainwater system, providing an exact replica of their existing design.

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Cost effective
Low maintenance
Traditional aesthetic

Replicating Existing Rainwater Systems

The properties of GRP allow mouldings to be taken of original castings, creating replacement rainwater systems that are an exact replica of the original’s design and dimensions. On older buildings, such as listed properties or heritage sites, GRP is an ideal replacement for previously installed systems that have succumbed to the elements, faithfully maintaining the traditional aesthetic of the property. Manufactured at Yeoman Rainguard’s specialist workshop, our GRP range offers the option of bespoke gutters, pipes and rainwater hoppers for when exact replicas of original systems or innovative designs are required.

The design flexibility of GRP also means that guttering can be formed to accommodate a particular roofline radius as required, ensuring your radius guttering is the perfect fit.

Long Lifecycle

Our GRP products have an average lifespan of 30+ years which can be extended with proper maintenance, ensuring you don’t have to go through the hassle and expense of replacing your system before necessary. All Rainguard GRP products are robust, lightweight and offer superb durability.

Colour Options

With a wide range of colours available, our GRP products are through-coloured, meaning that they will not fade or chip over time and require repainting.

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Our GRP guttering gives your building a look of quality as it replicates the look of cast iron, but is more economical, lightweight and maintenance free.


This lightweight product is manufactured from Glass Reinforced Polyester mouldings offering a durable and maintenance free option to replacing damaged lead & cast iron downpipes on traditional buildings.

Small GRP Hoppers

A range of GRP Hoppers from 230mm wide to 355mm in 11 classic designs to suit a range of applications.

Medium GRP Hoppers

A range of GRP Hoppers from 295mm wide to 485mm in 19 classic designs to suit a range of applications.

Large GRP Hoppers

A range of GRP Hoppers from 350mm wide to 630mm in 17 classic designs to suit a range of applications.

GRP Accessories

A wide range of GRP Accessories to suit most applications