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Whether you’re an architect, building manager or homeowner, discuss your GRP guttering project with a Yeoman Rainguard professional today for free advice on a wide range of GRP solutions.

If your project requires guttering that looks like metal, and even has similar attributes but you want a cheaper option then our GRP offering is the ideal solution. Formulated to provide strength and rigidity, giving it similar characteristics to metal guttering which allows you to use it on buildings you wouldn’t want to use standard plastic guttering solutions.

At Yeoman Rainguard we provide the full service from start to finish, including manufacturing and installation. Our staff are highly experienced and accredited making them experts in their field which means you can be sure that the job is completed to the highest standards. As well as the a supply and fix service we also provide guttering for projects where others will install it, and with our easy to follow installation guides your guttering solutions will be in-place in no time.

For more information on our GRP guttering solutions or to see the ranges we have available download our brochure today.

GRP guttering


MaterialGlass fibre reinforced mouldings, glass fibre laminations, Lloyds approved resins
Length1.8m plus spigot
ColourBlack, and is also available in any BS5252 (inc BS4800) or RAL colour
InstallationFixed using fascia or rafter brackets
MaintenanceOnly periodic cleaning is required

*Flow Rate Levels











4030 M.O.G.

Sizes: 100mm w x 75mm h
*0.85 litres/sec

4635 M.O.G.

Sizes: 120mm w x 90mm h
*1.21 litres/sec

5040 M.O.G.

Sizes: 125mm w x 100mm h
*1.83 litres/sec

6040 M.O.G.

Sizes: 150mm w x 100mm h
*2.28 litres/sec

7050 M.O.G.

Sizes: 175mm w x 125mm h
*4.16 litres/sec

7245 M.O.G.

Sizes: 190mm w x 120mm h
*4.22 litres/sec

8460 M.O.G.

Sizes: 250mm w x 150mm h
*6.40 litres/sec

8860 M.O.G

Sizes: 220mm w x 150mm h
*7.08 litres/sec

9070 M.O.G.

Sizes: 225mm w x 175mm h
*7.71 litres/sec

9760 M.O.G.

Sizes: 240mm w x 150mm h
*9.06 litres/sec

9965 M.O.G.

Sizes: 250mm w x 165mm h
*10.53 litres/sec

12080 M.O.G.

Sizes: 305mm w x 175mm h
*12.88 litres/sec

6030 M.O.G.

Sizes: 155mm w x 80mm h
*1.65 litres/sec

6435 M.O.G.

Sizes: 160mm w x 90mm h
*2.28 litres/sec

4222 C.O.G.

Sizes: 110mm w x 55mm h
*0.56 litres/sec

5025 C.O.G.

Sizes: 135mm w x 60mm h
*0.75 litres/sec

6533 C.O.G.

Sizes: 165mm w x 85mm h
*1.73 litres/sec

6545 C.O.G.

Sizes: 165mm w x 110mm h
*2.80 litres/sec

6045 BWG

Sizes: 150mm w x 130mm h
*4.16 litres/sec

8560 B.W.G.

Sizes: 220mm w x 145mm h
*8.37 litres/sec

6340 R.G.

Sizes: 130mm w x 105mm h
*1.88 litres/sec

4340 S.B.D.H.R.

Sizes: 110mm w x 100mm h
*1.50 litres/sec

4515 H.R.

Sizes: 110mm w x 40mm h
*0.41 litres/sec

5018 H.R

Sizes: 125mm w x 50mm h
*0.63 litres/sec

6030 H.R.

Sizes: 150mm w x 75mm h
*1.31 litres/sec

9750 H.R.

Sizes: 245mm w x 100mm h
*7.70 litres/sec

5060 Box

Sizes: 125mm w x 150mm h
*4.65 litres/sec

6060 Box

Sizes: 150mm w x 150mm h
*5.85 litres/sec

Standard Gutter Accessories

  • 90° internal and external angles
  • Outlet pieces with round, square or rectangular drop as required
  • Rise and fall brackets
  • Left hand and right hand stop ends
  • Union clips
  • Silicone sealant
  • Gutter bolts

Optional Gutter Accessories

  • Non-standard angles made to order.
  • Bespoke GRP gutter configurations.
  • Purpose made motifs to meet requirements