Copper Rainwater System changes with the times

Lynnic Associates, a construction company specialising in high quality one off house builds, recently embarked on a development of 7 units in Chesterfield, one of which being a new build project.

The Dutch Barn was built on the site of an original barn which had burned down. With a Siberian Larch cladding to the exterior the barn required an efficient and durable rainwater system which was in keeping with the style of building.

Nicola Corrigan of Lynnic Associates explained “After researching the internet we came across Yeoman

Rainguard who could supply us with a Copper rainwater system which would complement the exterior of the barn nicely. The Siberian Larch cladding ages from a pinkish hue to a more weathered silver colour and with Copper aging similarly from a bright to a patina finish, we thought this the perfect choice to keep in step with the barns changing looks over the years to come.”

Yeoman Rainguard’s Copper 125 x 70mm half round gutter and 80mm dia. downpipe were installed by Lynnic Associates to the Dutch Barn where joints were soldered rather than using a sealant to ensure a longer lasting seal.

Copper proves to be a long lasting option with its life expectancy being that of 100 years offering a

maintenance free system. A sustainable and ecologically sound option, Copper is known as a green metal being 100%

recyclable and as yet only 12% of reserves have been mined.

“The Copper rainwater system proved simple enough to fit and the staff at Rainguard were happy to answer any queries we had. We are very pleased with the result and have already used Rainguard XL Aluminium systems on another building on the same development. “Our next project, the biggest on the development, will be linking two barns together with a glass front and will benefit from a Zinc rainwater system again from Rainguard ” Concluded Nicola.

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