GRP Downpipe Accessories

A vital addition to your rainwater system, Yeoman Rainguard’s range of GRP downpipe accessories provide a simple, hassle-free method of installation for your GRP downpipes. Effortlessly fitting your downpipes to your building’s shape and design whilst helping to create a functional, smart and efficient rainwater system, our GRP downpipe accessories are an indispensable addition to your rainwater system.

We offer a comprehensive range of standard GRP pipe accessories which offer the same strength and rigidity as the rest of the GRP range, from offsets to bends, branches to connectors. The manufacturing properties of glass-reinforced plastic also allows bespoke downpipe accessories to be constructed.

Customers have the ability to order special bends and offsets, access plates and rodding eyelets to their specific requirements. Manufactured at our facilities in Leeds, most standard sizes are available from stock, whilst bespoke designs will be made to order. If you need advice on any of our GRP range, contact our expert team to find out how Yeoman Rainguard can help you.

At Yeoman Rainguard, we offer the option of comprehensive support, from help developing your concept to our renowned installation service. However, if you’d like to fit our GRP accessories yourself, we’re happy to send our materials directly to site to be fitted. Simply contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Security Pipe 75 x 75 mm

Sizes: 75 x 75 mm

Round Flush Fit Pipe 75 mm dia

Sizes: 75 mm Dia.

Flush Fit Square Pipe 75 x 75mm

Sizes: 75 x 75 mm
Standard Square Downpipe

Standard Square Downpipe

Sizes: 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm
Standard Rectangle Downpipes

Standard Rectangle Downpipe

Sizes: 100mm x 75mm
Standard Aluminium Downpipes

Standard Round Downpipe

Sizes: 100mm, 75mm, 65mm Dia

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